December 2023 Workshop

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Assignment Guidelines and Project Gallery

December 2023 Workshop

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Workshop description. This hour-long workshop focalizes the assignment guidelines for first-year writing and asks how our assignments engage with FYW ideas like the essential components and the habits of practice/writing moves. It seeks to present some of the theoretical foundations that scaffold assignments in first-year writing, while also giving a gallery of four different assignments for us to see how and why our fellow teachers are making certain decisions in their assignment creation.

Assignment review. As part of this workshop, we invite you to submit assignment material you'd like to have a second set of eyes on. Using our form below, please let us know a little about what you want support on and upload the materials for us to review. This assignment review will be open until January 31, 2024.*

Helpful links. The following links to more reading about assignment guidelines and more project ideas.

*Of course, we are also always happy to review anything you want us to. This form helps facilitate a post-conversation to the workshop, but if you are wanting feedback or brainstorming help about anything in your course, please send the ECE English email a note and let us know how we can help you.

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