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Three to four major projects throughout the term, each equivalent to a seven- or eight-page academic essay and supported by scaffolding, linked assignments, and regular feedback.

Writing in FYW is far more than the transcription or transmission of thought. It is a way of learning, representing complexity, working through and mapping the connections between ideas.


The primary mode of writing in ECE English FYW seminars. Exploratory and analytical prose that engages with other writers, texts, and contexts and pursues an argument or presents a new take or perspective.


Let’s consider, in addition to prose, non- or only partly alphabetic compositions: posters, video essays, visual arts projects, oral presentations …


Writing or composing to explore (one’s own) writing or composing.


We can do more if we work together.


Students must significantly revise each of their major projects.


Every class session should involve some writing or composing.