Survey for Spring and Summer ECE Activity (April 2022)

Just hoping to get some input or feedback or questions as we plan the transition to ENGL 1007 in the fall.

Part 1: Summer Workshop/Institute for ECE English

We are gauging interest in meeting (in-person, we hope) to develop and build ECE English courses together over the summer. These events would have a small fee (not much) but would serve the needs and goals of the participants.
If no, you can skip ahead to Part 2.
Which dates do you prefer? (Choose both if no preference)
In the past, summer institutes were three-day events that allowed a small group (about 20) teachers work closely together in a sustained and deep way. Given our variables, we may want to meet for a smaller window of time. Please share your preference.

Part 2: Literature Course for ECE English

We are developing a 1000-level literature course for use at UConn campuses and ECE English. We are in great need of teacher input and feedback. Please note: literature can still be assigned and used in FYW courses, but this is a proposal for a course that is NOT a FYW course.
How might you be willing to help this effort? Please check all that apply.
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