Spring 2023 virtual workshop #1: teaching podcasts

Teaching Podcasts

Teaching podcasts flyerWednesday, Feb. 15

3 – 4 p.m. on WebEx

This spring, we’re introducing a new all-virtual workshop series where we tackle specific classroom topics together. The first workshop will be on teaching podcasts: how to best utilize in-class work time to draft scripts and edit recordings, which examples are most effective and successful, what editing software to use, etc. We’ll go over all of these things and more in our short collaborative workshop.

Resources from the event

-Download the .txt file of the WebEx call chat

-Link to the GoogleSlides presentation

-Lisa Blansett’s (Director of UConn First-Year Writing) “Podcasting Without Tears” lesson overview

-NPR’s “Teaching Podcasts: A Curriculum Guide for Educators”

-Christine Saidy’s “Beyond Words on the Page: Using Multimodal Composition to Aid in the Transition to First-Year Writing”

-Hannah McGregor & Stacey Copeland’s “Why Podcasts?” series, and Jennifer L. Bowie’s “Podcasting in a Writing Class?” accompanying piece

-Soundwriting Pedagogies digital text (in podcast format)

-View a recording of the virtual workshop on WebEx here