Spring workshop #2: infographics & visual rhetoric

Wednesday, March 29Flyer for ECE English's March virtual workshop on teaching infographics

3 – 4 p.m. via WebEx

This event, the second in our new series of virtual workshops, will cover visual rhetoric in the ENGL 1007 classroom. We’ll do this through the lens of infographics, which can be a powerful tool for remediating one’s original written work,  can be used to interpret data or other textual information, or can stand on their own as a way to present information to the audience in an engaging way. Visual design is a broad topic, and infographics can include anything from maps and graphs, to illustrated recipes, to collages! We’ll discuss these diverse examples and what tools/platforms can be used to design infographics, the affordances and limitations of visual genres, and what it means to do visual in the composition classroom.

Resources (general)

Google Slideshow

First-Year Writing’s “Remix” assignment prompt

Dustin W. Edwards’s article “Framing Remix Rhetorically: Toward a Typology of Transformative Work” (use your UConn credentials to view this on the library website)

UConn Libraries’ & FYW’s Guide to Digital Resources for Students

Georgetown University’s “The (Design) Studio Approach to Teaching Writing”

A brief video on the principles of visual design

Resources (infographics & data visualizations)

Last spring’s blog post on infographics

ECE English’s “On Using Infographics in a Composition Course”

A brief overview on the difference between infographics and data visualizations

The Marginalian’s “How to Be an Educated Consumer of Infographics”

Western University/Teachology’s “What are the elements of an effective Infographic Assignment?”

Creative Bloq’s “63 of the Best Infographics”

Edward Tuft on data visualizations, resource repository

Tableau gallery of daily data visualizations

SAS’s “Data Visualization Techniques”