ECE Program

Program Description

UConn Early College Experience (ECE) is a concurrent enrollment program that allows motivated high school students to take UConn courses at their high schools. Courses are offered in over twenty disciplines and specialize in general education. High school instructors who have been certified through the University of Connecticut teach UConn ECE courses. Approximately 10,000 students in over 180 high schools take advantage of this program. UConn ECE students have an official University transcript that can be sent to the college of their choice. Many colleges and universities across the country accept UConn credits.

Student Registration

Each high school decides the criteria for admittance into UConn Early College Experience. Participants are typically academically motivated students who have a good chance of success in college courses. UConn ECE hosts an annual Site Representative Conference where student registration forms are distributed to each school and information on the student registration process is available. Incomplete or late registration forms are returned to the high school and are unable to be processed. Students are billed directly for all registered courses at a rate of $50 per credit, which means that most ECE English courses cost a total of $200.

Enrollment Caps In ECE English

UConn's FYW/ECE courses are capped at twenty students. This means that the total number of students in any section of the course cannot exceed twenty, including students who are enrolled in the same high school section but not the UConn component. That is, even if a school allows for combined enrollments (ECE students alongside non-ECE students), the total number of students in the course cannot exceed twenty. A certified ECE instructor can teach multiple sections of FYW/ECE within a given semester or academic year.

University Credit

After successful completion of the course, ECE students receive university credit and a grade. This credit and grade is recorded on a University of Connecticut transcript and is available upon request. Upon entering the University, the credit automatically becomes a part of the student’s academic record. If the student matriculates at other institutions, the University will furnish an official transcript of the course work to be submitted for transfer credit. University of Connecticut transfer credits are accepted at many colleges and universities across the country.

Students should request a transcript online at For additional details on credit transfer and to view the transfer credit database, visit the UConn ECE website at