Maintaining Your Records

Updating and Maintaining an Instructor’s File

It is necessary for the English Department to have curriculum files that are current. The department requests that instructors update their files every two to three years, or in the following cases:

  • When a new, certified ECE instructor begins participating in UConn ECE.
  • When a certified ECE instructor significantly changes his/her course syllabus.
  • When a participating high school revises the curriculum pertaining to the UConn ECE English course(s).
  • When UConn revises its own First-Year Writing curriculum and the UConn ECE courses are subsequently revised. Such changes will always be discussed at the annual conference and shared via email and posted on the HuskyCT site.

Updating Instructor Contact Information

Generally, the high school’s phone number and address is used to get in touch with individual instructors. Certified instructors are also added to a listserv for email communication. It is important to contact the UConn Early College Experience program office if there is a change in your contact information.

Active Versus Inactive Files

A file is active when the school is currently running UConn English courses through UConn Early College Experience. Active files will be reviewed annually, and evaluations will be revised when new materials are submitted to the file.

An inactive file is created for schools that are not currently running a UConn course. This may be caused by an instructor’s decertification or simply by the school’s decision to no longer offer ECE courses. Materials are kept on file in case the school decides to participate in the future. If a school decides to start offering English ECE courses again and the school has a fully certified ECE instructor, the English Department will re-activate that school’s file. If the school’s sole teacher has been decertified, a new application is necessary.